Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites

Social networking is the strongest method ever invented of creating a strong community that interacts with friends, customers, prospects, and partners. Instead of using an existing social network, it’s very easy to create one that’s customized to your area or industry. This gives you the ability to have a dialogue with your own loyal audience or just promote your own business. This isn’t as daunting a task as it seems – in fact, it’s possible to get a social network off the ground using many of the same tactics that build a message board or mailing list.

Complex Database Designs

The database is the most important part of a social network. After all, social networks are all about relationships – so a network that can’t smoothly handle relationships between friends, hometowns, and contact information will be crippled very quickly. We design our databases to crack down on repeat and redundant data, update errors, and bloat.


High Level User Interactivity

Establishing a good rapport between you and your customers – and letting them communicate horizontally with each other – can satisfy and excite them about the product and create trong opportunities down the road. We can integrate rich audio and video, allow for polls, voting, message boards, photo sharing, comment walls, job hunting and resume applications, and even audio and video conferencing. Over time, people in the industry will appreciate your site as a place to get valuable information instead of waiting for more conventional sources.

Intelligent Membership Account Management

One of the problems with creating a custom social network is that you’re constantly judged against the most high end solutions. People tend to turn a sharp eye to options they don’t have, even when they rarely use them. We have the experience to create a robust feature set that allows your customers to manage their accounts without a hassle. From signing up and logging in, to inviting others, creating blogs and comments, grouping their contacts by interest, and bookmarking important items, we make sure they’re delivered without any bumps in the user experience. We can even integrate with existing social networks.


Ready For Viral Activity

It’s important to be ready for viral activity on your social network – whether you engineer it yourself in order to draw attention to your network, or it emerges organically from a passionate member. It’s important to have a system that allows you to promote on existing social and sharing tools, and have the infrastructure to handle traffic once it comes.

If you’re looking for attention, backlinks, long term advertising revenue, and massive amounts of traffic, there is no promotional method that brings in large amounts of “sticky” traffic at a lower cost than investing in your own social network. Of course, quality content is the lifeblood of a new social network, but we won’t just help with the X’s and O’s of coding – we’ll help with photos, videos, articles, discounts and promotions.

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