Referral Marketing

It’s the most effective and most crucial form of advertising in the marketing world. More than television, direct mail, or any form of Pay Per Click advertising, referral marketing is the best way to jump over the trust factor that can come from a competitive sales environment. There’s no form of sales more effective than a good friend sharing a great experience. Unfortunately, many business owners think that great word of mouth comes naturally with good service. Usually, a stream of great referrals come from a concerted marketing effort. That is exactly what ComSeo seeks to provide.

Referral Program Development

We leverage our experience to analyze your business, and create a detailed plan to solicit, reward, and distribute referrals, whether it’s online or offline. We know that every niche has different needs. Obviously, the techniques that work well for a chain of restaurants have to be modified for a personal trainer who offers a one on one experience.

We’ll help you build a mailing list, solicit feedback, and promote great feedback when you get it.

Offline Referral Development

Referrals aren’t always online – and they aren’t always from single parties or customers. Some third party endorsements come from institutions and organizations. Have you ever wanted to position yourself as an expert in your field – things like speaking engagements, presentations, and direct verbal recommendations from prestigious institutions aren’t hard to get if you work with the right people.

Of course, it’s also helpful to have a traditional offline referral system in place.

Referral Strategy

As great as it is to have an enthusiastic customer, all referrals aren’t created equal. It’s sometimes hard to know exactly what kind of language your customers will use when describing your site. After all, they aren’t professional marketers. That’s why we think it’s wise to create ideas and words that build your brand, and that your customers will pick up on and spread. When you observe a popular brand like Apple, you’ll see that their customers recommend their products for many of the same reasons. It sets expectations – expectations that their product is poised to meet.

Multi Campaign Integration

When a new customer comes to your business, you rarely find out whether they were brought to you by a word of mouth referral. If you already have a referral program that either isn’t working, isn’t working as well as you like, or has an ROI that’s impossible to quantify, there’s no need to stress. It’s simpler than you think to merge several referral marketing plans into a single, simply quantified campaign. That means you can spend money on services that deliver results, and drop methods that don’t bring you results.

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Depending on your industry, a single loyal customer can create thousands of dollars in revenue over the lifetime of your relationship. In a world where a single customer has so much value, it’s smart to work with people who know how to bring customers into the door. If you’re wrestling with whether incentives are right for you, or looking for a cost effective way to expand a happy base of customers, reach out to us for help.