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Deliver rich, persuasive experiences on more than 390 million connected PCs, smartphones and tablets.
Crush your goals with cross-device advertising from a partner that can accurately reach the same user across devices – and do it at tremendous scale.


Reach 212MM Unique Online Users
Leverage powerful data to reach your intended audience across thousands of high quality sites.


Reach 80% of all iphone, ipad and android users
Deliver your brand message to 85MM unique mobile users on 10,000 apps and mobile websites.


Experience a 70% Pre-roll Video Completion Rate
Drive brand interaction with guaranteed video views from an audience selected just for you.

Data-driven Audience Platform

We reach 97% of online users with 212MM anonymous user profiles
Harness the power of ComSeo’s exclusive user data to support your display, mobile and video campaigns. Our exclusive data is action-oriented and accurate. With over 70,000 attributes across millions of users, we deliver on key branding metrics that drive revenue.

5 Reasons to partner with ComSeo

Reason #1 Maximum Revenue

Everything we do is geared toward helping you earn the most for your inventory. We recognize everything you do is focused on revenue, so that’s where we put our focus, too.

Reason #2 Complete Control

As a ComSeo publisher, you possess the right to approve or decline any advertiser at any time. Our Publisher User Interface is intuitive, providing real-time campaign performance, activity, fill rate, and revenue earning data in real time.

Reason #3 Quality Advertisers

ComSeo brings you quality creative from the leading performance advertisers. The result is consistently effective and relevant advertising that engages your visitors rather than turning them away.

Reason #4 Stability

As the largest and most reputable audience targeting platform of its kind since 1998, ComSeo’s deep advertiser relationships and strong financial position make us a reliable partner you can count on.

Reason #5 Superior Support

Collaborative publisher relationships are the cornerstone of ComSeo’s online advertising network. Our experienced publisher support team is always here to help.

ComSeo understands that not all industries are created equal. You have unique needs specific to advertising your products and communicating with your customers. We provide you with the total package: a dedicated solution supported by expert resources and the picture perfect audience to meet your brand goals.

ComSeo - Simple. Smart. Stunning.

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We constantly stress the power of smart branding to our clients. Having a set of principles that guides your major choices can simplify the decision making process and give a constant source of motivation. We do the same thing internally.
Before we sat down and decided on the ideas that made ComSeo stand out in the internet marketing world, we asked ourselves about the principles that made a person happy and successful. . More...


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