Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We constantly stress the power of smart branding to our clients. Having a set of principles that guides your major choices can simplify the decision making process and give a constant source of motivation. We do the same thing internally.

Before we sat down and decided on the ideas that made ComSeo stand out in the internet marketing world, we asked ourselves about the principles that made a person happy and successful. We came up with plenty. Strong, measurable goals. Respect for others and a willingness to help those in need. Hard work, a fearless determination to succeed. Never taking the easy way out of a challenge. We saw that many of the same qualities that made for an admirable human made for a successful company.


The marketing landscape is filled with hot air. With so much hyperbole and self-promotion, we believe in a “just the facts” approach to our business. That’s why we invest in some of the most sophisticated statistics software in the industry, as well as always polishing our proprietary methods. Everything from keyword research to email response rates to conversions is measured, because something that’s measured can be maintained – and even improved.

During every step of the way, we want to look ourselves in the mirror and know that we’re improving – delivering better services for our clients, becoming more synchronized as a team, expanding our reach, and learning new ways to deliver.


We thrive on positivity and inspiration – helping business owners and managers take risks they wouldn’t have thought possible, and leading them to success they wouldn’t have imagined! Every time we sit down with a client, we focus on helping them get ahead of their competition and feel the rush they felt the first time they made a sale, moved into a building, or closed a contract.

We don’t just inspire our partners, they inspire us. The very best part of our job is hearing stories from business owners that are ready to take the next step. Learning how they arrived where they are today and how they plan to move to the next level is always a fresh and rewarding experience.