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Pay Per ClickPPC marketing is the fastest and most effective method for getting in front of the eyeballs of potential customers. But if you don't have an advanced knowledge of the mechanics, you'll quickly find that they are among the most competitive – and the most expensive. When a user types a search into an engine, PPC advertisements are highly visible. The more competitive your market, and the more competitors are willing to bid, the more these listings cost. Unlike most advertising, PPC only costs you money when customers click on your advertisements – but that makes it more important that the ads are relevant enough to get clicks, and your landing page is good enough to convert. We help make that happen.

Research & Analysis

For the average marketer, trial and error is a big factor in making PPC work. Unfortunately, the process of testing and tweaking can put a crimp in any company's budget, especially if you're entering a new market. That's why careful research and analysis is so important. We start our research process with a source that guarantees results – your competitors. Our methodology can reverse engineer the copy used by other websites in your niche to target certain keywords, as well as track their effectiveness. This can provide aspiring marketers a great platform for effective ideas.

Compelling Ads & Landing Page

There are two factors that contribute the most to whether a PPC ad converts, and they both have vital elements. If one falters, so does the entire campaign. Pay Per Click advertisements can't just be compelling, bite-sized pieces of copywriting, they have to target vital keywords in a natural sounding way. This doesn't just draw the eye of visitors, it increases their relevance in search engines and increases their chances to rank highly for less money.

Software is never a substitute for knowledge or experience. That's why our landing pages are designed by experts with experience in creative graphics and copywriting to immediately engage with great headlines, build rapport by pointing out features that speak to the market, enhance authority, and use a compelling call to action.

Campaign Optimization & Reporting

The more money that you sink into PPC campaigns, the more you realize how important it is that these campaigns perform. Perhaps just as importantly, it's important that these campaigns constantly refine and deliver a stronger and stronger return on investment. That's why a PPC optimization system means so much – it's about systematically testing every area that makes campaigns run well, whether it's selected keywords, advertisements, or landing pages.

And optimization isn't as important without results tracking. We can track click-throughs and customer action for the factors that are relevant to PPC performance.

Fire & Forget

What's the ultimate goal of a PPC campaign? It isn't just having a strong return on investment – it is plug-in consistency, and the ability to guarantee new customers and new revenue every time that a campaign is run. Neither is refining an advertisement a one-time process in the online world. Once we reach a high level of efficiency, we update the advertisements and manage their distribution so that you grow larger and more nimble.

Our PPC methodology has been proven to improve performance, and our PPC trained staff has a great record of keeping customers satisfied. It’s easy to learn more about what we do and how we can benefit your business specifically – just fill out the form to your right, and a representative will answer all of your questions.

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