Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate OptimizationWhether a business is taking its first steps online or climbing to the next level, most people think of bringing targeted traffic to their websites as an uphill fight – but that's only half the battle. The amount of traffic that you bring your website isn't nearly as important as the number of people who take action – whether it's by joining the mailing list or becoming a loyal customer. The art of continually improving a website so that as many viewers as possible take action on it is called conversion rate optimization, or CRO for short.

Taking Money Off The Table

This small acronym has a big impact on your bottom line. That's because the costs of conversion rate optimization don't scale up with the amount of traffic you receive. As an example, a website that spends $100 to bring in 100 visitors is pretty costly if only 1 of them convert. If your product costs, $20 dollars, A 20% increase in conversion rate can make your advertising expenses five times more profitable in this situation.

Split Testing Vs Multivariate Testing

This can be a bit of an art. The same optimization techniques don't work the same for different keywords, demographics, advertisements, and niches. And the methods used to test a site's efficiency are as varied as the ingredients that make a page work. In split testing, multiple versions of a website are tested against each other to find the one that performs best. Then, me move to multivariate testing. Here, we slowly test all the variables that make up your website: headlines, colors, copy, and more: even the type of bullets and buttons used are tested. It's all about scientifically determining what resonates with your audience.

Heat Mapping (Eye & Mouse Tracking)

When someone takes a trip to your webpage, what draws their attention? Usually, people take it for granted that visitors are looking at logos, buttons, or the text of the webpage. But in most cases, heat mapping will show something completely opposite. Heat mapping helps site owners understand what users are looking at and clicking on a webpage. It's possible to track the mouse and the eye to figure out where the attention is going – then adjust the site to make sure the most important elements are placed there.

Testing Methodology

One of the issues you may come across while trying to improve your site's performance independently is that you're likely to work with a number of different contractors, each with a single method of improving your conversions, and each completely convinced that their way is the best way. When you speak to a copywriter, a split rate expert, and a video specialist, you may feel as though you've spoken to a bunch of carpenters who each only own a single tool. It's very important to integrate all of these into a business, and look at each element with a critical eye.

Your conversion rate has an astounding impact on your profitability. Don’t leave it in the hands of your intuition, a single specialist, or random chance. Use the form at the side of the page to contact one of our experts and learn more about how we can deliver results in your industry.

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