Making a Difference

Making a Difference

How we make a difference.

We believe that everyone, regardless of where they started in life, has the capacity to live a successful life if they’re given the opportunity. And while government institutions provide amazing results with limited resources, the passion and energy we’ve personally seen from dozens of independent charities and NGO’s inspires us to do more. We don’t have the skills and resources to give clean drinking water to victims of a natural disaster, or help battered women rebuild their lives – but we can help organizations that do have their message seen and heard.

Charity & Ngo Services

While we provide plenty of traditional marketing services like web design, copywriting, and collateral development, we also provide services that the average person may not see. We’re experts in organization, and can help improve your overhead, transparency, record keeping, and ability to network with influential donors in your sphere. These kinds of changes aren’t flashy, but they can be done quickly and have a tremendous long term impact on your organization.


We make service decisions on a case by case basis. Quality work takes manpower, and our case load varies on a month by month basis. While we’d love to help everyone that contacts us, we sometimes have to balance doing the most possible good versus the size of the project. It’s one of our least favorite parts of these projects, and we try to do it as little as possible!

The size and revenue of the charity also has an impact on the amount that we charge. Every great cause doesn’t live from hand to mouth, and while we offer deep discounts, we might ask for a small fee to cover some of our expenses.

Why We Do It?

The same rules of content and conversion that apply to Fortune 500 companies apply to local charities and NGO’s struggling to make ends meet. In the same way that plainly stating the value of an offer doesn’t always translate to sales in the business world, telling people the value of your cause doesn’t always mean people will engage with it, no matter how vital it is.

And unfortunately, the companies that do the most good for people have to do it on a shoestring budget. Every dollar spent on graphics, copywriting, videos, and advertising is a dollar taken away from a vital mission. And it’s nearly impossible to get people to take action – donating their time and energy – on a site that looks unprofessional or doesn’t deliver the social cues that drive sales.

A Better Future

If there was a way to shield NGO’s from these rules, we’d do it. But since we can’t, we’re determined to give our partners the same kind of advantages that they would get for selling widgets. Value can’t always be measured in an immediate transfer of dollars and cents. Sometimes it’s built slowly, over a lifetime. When someone is empowered to start a business, build a family, or get an education, it provides a real return that can’t be measured.