Keyword Research

Keyword research can make or break any online business – and smart choices can turn an otherwise struggling site into a powerhouse. Think of keywords in practical terms as the problems the prospect is having but without a crystal ball, it’s tough to anticipate those problems and provide solutions to those problems, and make it easier for customers to find you online.

That takes more than just picking keywords. It takes an understanding of the patterns and intent of customers.

Inbound Marketing

Traditional marketing is all about finding your customer through channels like TV commercials, billboards, and radio ads. But despite the popularity of outbound marketing, it’s a very costly process. To make matters worse, many potential customers tend to tune out even the most cleverly crafted advertising.

That’s why inbound marketing is so important. Inbound marketing earns attention with great content and constant contact, engaging customers and naturally “getting discovered” by people who are looking to get help or make purchases.

Unlike many fads in the SEO sphere, content marketing, social media, and e-mail will never go out of style. In fact, they are less expensive and more effective than ever before. All that’s needed is the talent to create great content and the knowhow to distribute it effectively.

Metric Analysis

Top rankings on search engines like Google have been a hot commodity for years. But a #1 ranking doesn’t guarantee traffic, and it doesn’t guarantee revenue. The climate in 2012 is dominated by social media and personalized search results.

That’s why metrics analysis is so important. We use the most advanced analytics tools available to find out the demographics and browsing patterns of customers. That helps us measure the results of your marketing efforts and tailor our work to them – potentially adding thousands to the bottom line.

Competition Analysis

Looking at the strengths and weaknesses of other websites is a crucial component of keyword research. Competition analysis can help you figure out how your rivals sell their products, how much money they spend on promotion, and what methods provide the strongest return. Knowing your competitors strengths and weaknesses is an easy way to gain insight into which methods of traffic will work best for you.

In the offline world, that kind of advantage would be impossible – but in the online world, it’s indispensable.

Campaign Integration

Chances are, you aren’t just using the internet to reach your customers. At ComSeo, we’re always looking for ways to integrate our methods with the tools of your offline trade. Our methods integrate seamlessly with the offline methods you’re already using, and we constantly refine the work we do.

Integration doesn’t just end in a brand-cohesive campaign with a consistent message. We can connect existing online campaigns too – our staff combines the skills of specialists with the efficiency of a dedicated firm.

That means you never have to wring your hands at night wondering what’s working and what isn’t. We do all the handwringing for you. At least we would – managing one of the web’s most in depth keyword research systems tends to keep out hands full.

Why SEO is Beneficial to Your Business?

Ranking Importance

This year resesrch shows that approximately 85% of all Web sites are found via search engines

Major Search Engines

96% of Internet users begin their Web search through a major search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL)

Effective strategy

SEO allows you the ability to choose keyword phrases for searches performed by potential customers

342 billion Search Results

In January 2016, more than 17.5 billion searches were performed with 342 billion search results

Bring Visitors

Solid SEO and search friendly Web design will help bring visitors to your Website

Consumer Perception

Consumer perception is that the higher a Web sites is ranked in a search engine

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